Thursday, July 16, 2009

Das Photo

A selection of photos from the summer....I will add more later. 
View of scenic Camden from Mount Battie
Mount Battie (the weather is just fabulous, no?)
Rocks out at Land's End
View at Land's End (at 6:30 am)
Looking towards Giant Steps

Lobstah boat!

More rocks
Professor Dickenson searching for 
baby lobsters at Land's End
Lobstah buoys
Stoic couple at the Old Port Festival
I love how this woman resembles her dog....
....or is it that the dog resembles the woman....
My photogenic roommates enjoying Old Port
The lovely Emily 
Old Port Festival
Popham at low tide
A man exploring the island off of Popham
Wave explosion!
Kat looking out at the ocean
More Popham at low tide

Small child (where are her parents?)
Sand after the tide has gone out....I love the patterns
The family I ended up painting

Sand flats
Lone figure at Popham

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