Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Rhythms

This week I've been working large, doing some really exciting action painting. I've been looking at Pollock a lot, researching in books and watching videos, and I'm working with some of his premises and trying to make them into my own. One of the best parts of working in this way is the quality of mark I'm able to make. I can directly transfer the energy and action of my body into the canvas. I am leaving a lot to chance and trying not to overly control the paint. I simply think about the rhythm of the ocean while I paint....

Another detail....
A detail of the large painting
                       Matt likes art. 
A large 14' by 3.5' horizontal canvas...I painted this on the floor and moved it to the wall afterwards. It isn't finished yet, and now I'm going to go in with smaller brushes and charcoal instead of just throwing paint and paint washes. 
I painted this one yesterday, but I was rather frustrated with how it came out, so I scraped off all the paint and came up with this painting below...really cool effects....
    The aftermath of  frustrated
This is a smaller drip painting. I tried to let 
go and lose control on this one...all I thought 
about was the idea of waves. 
A detail
A detail of the next drip painting
This is the first smaller drip painting I tried
and it feels a bit too controlled for my liking...
again, here I was using house paint. I suspended
myself from several chairs and worked above the 

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