Monday, July 13, 2009

Things I Learned Today....

Working as an artist generally means that I spend the majority of my days alone, and in that introspective space I have time to ponder , talk out loud, and behave much like an 8 year old after a candy binge...needless to say, the time I spend in my studio is not altogether recognizably productive (but I swear it actually is) and talking to my paintings does not make it any easier to make them look how I want.  

So, some revelations of the day:

1. Oil paint stays wet. For a long time. In fact, when you get some on your hands it is likely to spread to many other parts of your body, clothing, or perhaps even your the pink substance in The Cat in the Hat, it never goes away entirely. Hence the  prussian blue marks I keep finding on my calves (how do they get there???)

2. The studio is sacred. No matter how cluttered it appears to an outsider, there is a specific order to the chaos and any disruption can cause  trauma to the artist...and today half my studio was appropriated by Upward Bound students who ran amok with india ink and pastels. The horror. 

3.  There are far too many car dealerships in Maine, and they are always selling PT Cruisers. Why?

4. Cottage cheese is not lunch.

5. Kirsten can eat peanut butter with anything. Including quesadillas.

6. Harry Potter opens in less than 48 hours.

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