Monday, July 27, 2009

A new technique

On friday I started working in a completely different way...I decided to try drip painting with my house paints on Plexiglas. What ended up happening was something I could never have predicted...the paint began to move and mix on its own on the surface of the plexi. The colors began to morph and swirl, marbling of their own accord. So, I let them do it, and only pushed things in particular directions when it seemed absolutely necessary.  I let them sit over the weekend and they continued to change. This process perfectly reflects on the qualities I am trying to capture; the paint, much like ocean water itself, was impossible to contain or control once it gained momentum. 

The first I went for a more literal
landscape. I love how the rocks and the wave here
are becoming one entity. I was trying to control 
the paint here a little too much, but this painting
opened the door. 
Detail of the wave on rocks. This reminds me of Katsushika Hokusai's Great Wave

Here is the painting I did today and a detail of the
marbling effect of the house paint. The end 
product will look nothing like this, I'm sure,
but here it is right after I finished with it.

This is my favorite of the three, here I really 
relinquished control and let the paint work...


  1. love the plexiglass technique! why not just let the paint become water and mix on its own?? awesome. i really like the rocks and wave painting because it looks like a "literal landscape" like you said but upon closer inspection it is flowing water!

  2. Erod, your stuff is looking great. I really dig these plexiglass paintings and the one from your 7/20 post (after night of dinner at sailing docks). Great pic on the website!